This evening, sitting at the kitchen table with Jef, eating homemade spicy white bean soup, I couldn’t help thinking about how much I love the way we eat now.

Grains and fruits at breakfast.

Grains and vegetables for lunch.

A fruit, sometimes a vegetable for a snack.

Grains and vegetables for dinner.  Sometimes a little sweet treat for dessert, or sometimes a cup of tea.

It’s not about losing weight, although that’s happened to both of us.  It feels better.  Healthier.  Simpler.  More true.  More real.  There is no shame in any meal that we make or eat.  We do not worry about portion sizes, calories, or fats.  We eat fruits, vegetables, and grains, and we eat as much as we want.  We enjoy everything we eat, knowing that it will only help.

This year,

I’ve come to love the sweetness in raw beets.

I’ve come to love red cabbage as the foundation for a stir fry.

I’ve come to take pride in my ten thousand variations on olive oil-and-apple cider vinegar salad dressing.

I’ve come to appreciate that there is sometimes nothing better than a bowl of white bean soup with potatoes and greens, some homemade stock, and a few tried-and-true spices.

My vegan life is so much better.  I’ll never go back.