The 10th of December was Human Rights Day. For anyone working with kids (or grown-ups), I can’t think of a better introduction to the topic than We Are All Born Free: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures.

Developed by Amnesty International, each article has been worded simply and illustrated by a different author.  For little people, the book itself is a lot of knowledge about the concept of human rights.  Be warned, however: imagining that this a good book just to “have around” without being prepared to discuss it could lead to disaster.  Concepts like slavery, asylum, and religious coercion aren’t easy for anyone to absorb without lots of compassionate listening and open conversation.  Despite this, it’s a hopeful book, full of beautiful images of a world in which all our rights are honored.

Check your local library for a copy, or purchase it as a gift for a family whose rights you hope will always be respected.  There are no easy answers to the dilemmas of the world, but We Are All Born Free provides a wonderful first explanation of where we should be directing our important questions.

Preview some pages from We Are All Born Free, or watch a related video.