When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

Well, here comes realism again for my weekly kick in the pants.  I’m still in the process of sorting out my aspirations, which doesn’t make this any easier.  I DO have a few that are settled, though.  Here are some plans for the first half of 2011:

Goal #1: Graduate.  Ridiculously well.  Actually, my dream is to be the top Anatomy and Physiology scorer in the entire state of Ohio in June.  Difficult?  Absolutely.  Possible?  You bet.  The top score this past year was 97%.

Next Step: continue reviewing the muscles (most difficult for me to remember) while going through school, keep studying every day, and review material using multiple parts of the brain (reading, writing, organizing, reciting, listening, drawing, palpating, teaching, singing). 

Next mini-step: organize my notecards again by compartment

Goal #2: Train at least ten more animators of junior youth groups and accompany them into service. 

Next step: Seek out potential animators (ideally students and young adults) in the Cincinnati area and present the junior youth spiritual empowerment program to them, and start a study circle to begin training while they assist with currently active junior youth groups. 

Next mini-step: Invite classmates and co-workers to come share their skills with the Walnut Hills junior youth group.  Present the program during break.  Ask our Cluster Institute Coordinator for names of others who have expressed interest.

Goal #3: Get to know my neighbors on a more meaningful level.

Next step: Begin holding regular gatherings in my home to strengthen the character of the community.

Next mini-step: Set a schedule for the gatherings in consultation with my husband and visit my neighbors to invite them.  Maybe invite a friend to go visiting with me.