What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

I learned that there is time. 

There is time in my life to work full-time, go to school at night, be involved in the community, write every day, study enough to maintain a 97% average, and still get a little bit of exercise in.  There are certainly days that I cried from the overwhelm of attempting it, and I don’t always like the relative proportions in the slices of my lifepie, but I CAN make it happen.  If I want to.  (And I do.)

The first steps were the trickiest.  I’m a planner.  I like plans.  I like planning even more than I like doing, which is where I run into trouble.  This year I’ve learned that I can actually DO the things I think about.  If I want to.  (And I do.)

I also get frustrated easily.  I hate not seeing any progress.  I get completely ground down by embarrassment, awkwardness, and having my plans dissolve into uselessness.  I get stressed out from having to invest energy in relationships with people I don’t know very well.  I fall into funks and technical difficulties and throw tantrums at myself.  But I can keep going through difficulties.  If I want to.  (And I do.)

This year, I learned how to want.  To want and then throw myself at my goal so headlong that I couldn’t pull back to save myself if I tried. 

Next year, I’ll keep refining what it is I want.  How much of this do I want?  What am I willing to sacrifice to get it?  What am I unwilling to sacrifice, and what does this mean for what I really want? 

Then I’ll figure out my next steps, and decide when to do them.  Because I can certainly make the time.  If I want it.

(And I do.)