Our teaching team met at Katrina’s house today for a potluck lunch and planning session.  I love our periodic gatherings because

  • we always accomplish a lot of really useful consultation, and
  • I get to try out concocting dishes like peanut-coconut-mint-cilantro-chiles-lime-cucumber-and-carrot cold pasta salad, which people end up saying nice things about, even when it’s the tiniest bit too al dente.

Yum.  (With respect to both.)

Anyhow, this three month cycle, our group of intrepid community builders is going to do something we’ve never done before!

We’re going to focus our efforts on …


Our class for children is smallish, but getting stronger and more consistent.  Our junior youth group is really developing a sense of identity and is ready to take study and service to the next level.  If more kids join, we’ll be thrilled to have them, but it’s not essential right now.  We’ve got the big and little siblings in a fabulous microcosm of learning and action, of being and doing.  Now it’s time to do the same for their parents and caretakers.

The interest is there.  The logistics are being arranged.  And this will bring a level of coherence to our efforts that we’ve never reached before, strengthening communities by empowering entire families.

I can’t wait.