Question: How do I do this meditation thing without falling asleep?

I can block out the outside sights and sounds. I’ve always been able to do that.

I can even turn off the narrator.

If  need to control the images and internal thought-sounds, I can do that to varying degrees. But I can’t do it without the aid of the narrator.

The narrator is the one in my head who bosses everyone around and puts things in order. When I turn off the narrator, I get a slippery, nonsensical parade of images and sounds that slide around without pattern. Also known as dreaming.

I know this, because this is how I’ve been able to make myself sleep since I was a teenager.

It’s great for insomniac nights. Less great for trying to focus.

So how do I do this? Keep the narrator going until I’ve got a grip on the slideshow? Or just sleep?