Golden and Bri, our cooks at work, know that I take leftovers home all the time. Whenever they’re preparing a vegetable that’s known to be unpopular with the kids, they joke about how they’re making “Kat’s soup” for lunch. As little sense as it makes, licensing requirements often mean that perfectly good, never-served food from the kitchen has to get thrown away. Or disappear mysteriously into the ether. Which is how I ended up with a HUGE windfall of free bananas in my kitchen on Friday evening.

Here’s what happened to a few of them on Saturday:


We shared them with our junior youth group and ate the three remaining muffins for breakfast on Sunday morning. Obviously, we’ve still got a long way to go!

We can go bananas with …

  • more banana nut muffins
  • banana pancakes
  • bananas in my morning oats
  • banana, peanut butter, and honey sandwiches
  • banana bread
  • banana berry smoothies
  • snot (mashed banana, avocado, and lemon juice)
  • fruit salad with banana
  • banana split (I’ve actually never had one … maybe for my birthday?)
  • bananaphone!

Any other great ideas for vegan bananatastic treats? Please drop me a line! And if you live in Cincinnati, I’m also happy to share.