So often, December is a month of stuff.

What stuff will you buy? Who will you buy it for? How much will you spend on stuff? Who is buying you stuff? Why is her stuff more expensive than your stuff? What if he doesn’t like the stuff you bought him? What will you do with all the new stuff you have? What if you don’t want it?

I’m lucky. My family isn’t too much into the stuff. December is all about FOOD, which is different from stuff inasmuch as you can make it yourself, enjoy it together, and then watch it disappear in a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Less stuff, more stuffed.

Last year I tried to reflect every day during December. Reflection is cooler than stuff, but … it’s still not as satisfying as actually going out and doing something to reflect on.

So this December, I’m pledging to 31 days of community.

I will do one thing, small or large, to build community every day in December. I will write about it here.

I can’t guarantee I’ll write every day. There will be traveling in December. And cooking. And … stuff. So I may be behind on keeping things updated, but I will get around to it. For Twitter folks, I’ll use the hashtag #community31. Feel free to join me if you like.

Who’s in?