We started with prayers. Kids and limber grownups sitting on the living room floor, a few other adults on the sofa and in chairs. Everyone prayed together before we broke into our two groups.

While most of the adults moved into the kitchen, I stayed in the living room with the four girls, aged 4 to 9. We had a lesson about the quality of justice.

Afterwards, we ate. Potluck, same as every week. There was macaroni and cheese for the kids, soup for the vegans, and pumpkin pudding and fresh-made gingerbread cookies for everyone. We wandered from one topic of conversation to another. It was just nice to be together on a rainy evening.

When most of the crew had gone home, Amanda did the dishes while Danna and I helped the girls with their homework. Danna and I chatted about massage for a while when the girls were getting ready for bed, and I left.

It’s so comfortable and normal to gather with friends over lessons and conversation and food. Why isn’t this normal everywhere? I can’t imagine wanting my life to be any other way.