I made a librarian’s day yesterday!

The librarians and staff at my local public library do a lot of empowering. I would have half the education I have now were it not for the library system, and I know I’m not the only one. I learned to love science at the library, even though I hated it in school. Much of the history I know, I learned in the library. The library was there when I needed help with a school assignment, when I was seeking a place to hold a neighborhood children’s class, when I wanted to learn how to cook, and when I needed a distraction for a 10 hour trip.

So I wanted to thank them.

And while I love getting verbal thanks, I’ll be honest with you: I love sweets more. So my offering? I like to pretend chocolate-covered strawberries are good for you. It’s fruit! And, um, chocolate.

(Instructions at the bottom if you’ve never made these before. It’s so much easier than baking cookies.)

When I brought the bowl of strawberries up to the front desk, I was a little nervous. I was carrying food into the library, after all. A huge no-no! What if I got caught? But when I explained to the woman at the checkout desk what I was there for, her eyes lit up. “You’re going to be somebody’s ‘good thing’ at our next staff meeting!”

I really want the people who serve our community to have more “good things,” every day.

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on the people who aren’t involved. How can we empower and inspire them? How can I accompany them on a path of service? But it’s equally important to remember the people who are already working hard, either as volunteers or through their work. Sometimes, all it takes to brighten a servant’s day is a word of thanks.

And sometimes chocolate.


If you’ve never made chocolate-covered strawberries before, it’s incredibly easy.

Get a double boiler (or if you’re like me and don’t have one, boil some water in a pot and find a smaller pot that you can hold so that the bottom of it is touching the water), and melt a couple of tablespoons of margarine.

Pour in a bag and a half (10 oz bags) of bittersweet chocolate chips. Pretend you didn’t already eat the other half a bag.

Stir until gooey (it won’t turn liquid like you see in those fountains, but the lumps will go away).

Take it off the heat, and dip in strawberries (this made enough chocolate for two pounds of strawberries, with a little left over).

Let the berries cool on aluminum foil or wax paper.

And you’re done!