Last year (or rather, December 2010), there was a writing prompt to describe the theme of both the past and future year in one word.

The word for 2010 was “learn.” I was in school to study a new field, living in a new city, working at a new job, and part of a new family. I learned every day, and worked hard at it.

The word for 2011 was “move.” We moved from Cincinnati to Cleveland. I also began walking every morning, going contradancing more often, practicing Shiva Nata on a regular basis, and made a commitment to moving my body. I got moving on beginning my massage practice. I traveled to Portland (Oregon), Chicago, Toronto, and a few other special places besides.

I think the theme for 2012 is going to be “strength.” In addition to starting a strength training program for my body (I can do six pull ups and 18 push-ups now!), I want to be financially strong, build a strong community around me, create a strong massage practice and a strong writing practice, be strong in my convictions and my commitments. I want my family to be even stronger. I want to make my life one that can be relied on.

Here’s to strength in 2012. What’s your word?