I’m in that place where so many things happen it’s difficult to reflect on them, much less write about them. I hate “here’s a list of stuff I’ve been up to” posts, but what can you do?

  • I went to the CD release party of two of my junior youth. One of the unexpected bonuses of animating a junior youth group is seeing a shy middle school girl rap about the Civil Rights Movement in front of dozens of people. So proud!
  • I finished all my yearly dealings with the BMV with minimal drama, despite forgetting that Cuyahoga County requires an e-check, unlike Hamilton County.
  • Jef gave me a ukulele for my birthday, and I’m busy learning songs on it that I can share with my children’s class. “We Are Drops” is only three chords, thank goodness!
  • I started a new part-time job in a physical therapy clinic. It’s totally different from any environment I’ve ever worked in before, and I’m receiving no training. I just showed up, introduced myself, and was given my first patient! I actually had to ask where I could wash my hands.
  • I’ve become the official blogger of the Baha’i community of Greater Cleveland. It’s great to be able to use my writing habit in service to my spiritual family.
  • I’m preparing a series of home visits, an open house/informational meeting, an animator gathering, a cluster reflection meeting, a new teacher training, and a cookie baking party. And somehow I need to get the kitchen clean!

I often feel like I’m going to explode from the things I want to accomplish, but I haven’t exploded yet! Here’s hoping I continue the non-explosive trend into the new year.