Sometimes, you don’t have to do much to read into your reality. It sits in front of you, plain as day.

The rising animators (ages 15-16) were working through a series of discussion questions about family unity. We came to this:

  • What makes a good daughter?
  • What makes a good son?
  • What makes a good mother?
  • What makes a good father?

They had lots of ideas about what made a good son/daughter. We talked a lot about what makes a good mother, too. The youth said a good mother is truthful, explains reasons behind her decisions, sets rules and is consistent about enforcing them, but still loves and supports her children even when they struggle. They all had examples of the important qualities they saw in their own mothers.

“So what makes a good father?”

A bitter laugh. “Be there.”

They had a hard time coming up with anything else.