When I left my building to walk to the car, it was muggy, but not raining. By the time I was leaving the driveway, it had begun to pour. 20 feet down the road, and it was raining horizontally. Cars were pulling over to wait it out in nearly zero visibility. A mile down the road at the intersection of Madison/Carabel/Hilliard/Rosewood (affectionately nicknamed Malfunction Junction), there were no more street lights functioning.

And then I arrived. The girls ran out of the house with an umbrella to escort me inside, dry.

There was no power in the house. So we took turns holding up a flashlight to illumine the page of whoever’s turn it was to read. But what would we do during our half hour of “runaround time”, when we were normally playing soccer or or hula hoop or tag?

We built a blanket fort, of course. What better thing to do by candlelight on a dark and stormy day?

Sometimes, it’s the things you didn’t plan for that make the sweetest memories. Don’t be afraid to let them happen.