Working with the Empowered Souls junior youth group today, I discovered that we were officially halfway through the workbook Breezes of Confirmation. 

The reading is pretty simple for them. Okay let’s be honest, they find the reading babyish and boring. But we have good conversations about it, so we keep going. So I mentioned that we were halfway through, and explained that there are other books in the series that we’ll move on to that are more challenging, and cover different topics.

“… and there’s one about science and religion, and there’s even one about math.”


“Is it like, easy math or cool math? ‘Cause I’m in algebra now.”

“I didn’t know there was a math book! I love math!”

I was surrounded by seventh grade girls begging me to let them do math.

What could I say? Of course we’ll do the math book next. Anything for you, my amazing girls.