1. While my joints are falling apart at an alarming rate, I’m almost never sick. That’s pretty rad.
  2. I kind of hate online classes. I’ve tried to like them, and they’re awfully convenient. But I’ve taken two this year, and I just don’t get any pleasure out of them at all.
  3. I can make money off of my writing.
  4. It doesn’t matter that I’m not teaching professionally anymore, I’m still churning out a constant supply of ideas for classroom activities. If I don’t teach for long enough, I go mad.
  5. I don’t actually hate doing dishes. I hate doing whatever chore seems like it will get undone the most quickly as soon as I’ve finished.
  6. I need routine. I think I knew this already, but I had to relearn it this year.
  7. I love hanging out with my mom.
  8. Sometimes, one of the best things you can do for your marriage is learn to appreciate football.
  9. It is possible to appreciate football, it just takes some effort and caffeine.
  10. There are actually bars where people don’t look down on you for ordering a club soda with lime.
  11. Librarians are very forgiving.
  12. How to lay out a newsletter, sort of.
  13. How to collaborate on written projects.
  14. How to grow a vegetable garden in which the vast majority of the plants do not die (until you eat them).
  15. How to write a grant proposal.
  16. How to play the ukulele.
  17. How to make fabulous snickerdoodles.
  18. How to play Hokm.
  19. How to drive a manual transmission.
  20. The beach is beautiful when it’s raining.
  21. People are often very free with their knowledge if you simply ask.