I am Kat Mayerovitch, a licensed massage therapist, early childhood teacher, writer, and community builder currently located in Dallas, Texas. At different times, I’ve been paid for all of those things. Now I do the massage and writing for money, but I do ALL of them for love.

Encompassing all of these, I am a nontraditional educator. ย This means:

  • I help people’s bodies learn how to work more effectively, with less pain.
  • I help people learn to learn how they learn best, so that they can teach themselves.
  • I help people learn the words that expresses what they meant to say.
  • I help very young children discover the beauty of the world through experience, using the twin supports of art and science
  • I help young teens develop their powers of expression and learn to recognize their own inherent nobility through study, service, and play.
  • I help people who happen to live near one another learn to be neighbors.
  • I teach myself, and learn from others every day.

I am also a vegan, dancer, walker, novice gardener, practical idealist, and Baha’i. I write about all of these things at different times. You’re welcome to join me as I do!