I’m 29 years old today. Here are 29 things that make me happy, right now.

1. There’s some blue in the sky today.
2. Two new people at the study circle last night. Our community keeps growing.
3. Birds chirping outside.
4. Victoria is at the hospital. Milo is going to share a birthday with me!
5. My family is really cool.
6. Vegan eggplant bake. Thanks, Heidi!
7. Making cinnamon toast for breakfast.
8. I have so many opportunities to be of service.
9. I live walking distance from an amazing public library.
10. (And also walking distance from a vegetarian cafe.)
12. (Which has the most fabulous Mexican cocoa ever.)
13. I sometimes get paid to write. This is a childhood dream come true.
14. I have amazing friends all over the world.
15. I’m married to one of them.
16. My children’s class is learning to sing “O God, Guide Me” in Chinese. Or rather, they’ve already memorized it, and I’m struggling to catch up.
17. I can do 20 push-ups now, up from only 8 in mid-December.
18. The days are getting longer!
19. Ayyam-i-Ha is coming up. Then the Fast. Then Naw-Ruz!
20. I’m having Thai food for lunch with my dad today.
21. There are so many people in Lorain county who want animator training that I might have to start two separate study circles.
22. Reliable heat, water, electricity.
23. I’m a prime number now!
24. I have copies of the new Ruhi Book 3s (grades 1, 2, and 3) to pore over!
25. I plan to teach myself all the songs in Book 3 on the ukulele this year.
26. Because I’m getting a ukulele!
27. The fact that we don’t have a lot of furniture in our living room means there’s enough space to do handstands.
28. I live a mile and a half from Lake Erie.
29. It’s my birthday!